Hemomelan Gel Cream SPF 30

50 ml


Hemomelan (Tranexamic acid + Vitamin K)
Arnica montana
Plant extracts (Boswellia Serrata, Horse-chestnut and Myrtillus)


Repairing cream that improves the appearance, elasticity and colour of the area.
Improves skin elasticity, and helps reduce colouring in post-scar areas.


+ 0 %

Immediate reduction
in stinging

Compared to the placebo.*

+ 0 %

skin colour

After 15 days of application compared to placebo.*

* Use test under dermatological control of Hemomelan Gel Cream SPF 30. Efficacy in the reduction of side effects due to medical-aesthetic treatments. Clínica Martínez Amo – MartiDerm Group Medical department. October 2019. Ref: MD.19.06.03/01.

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